Our Philosophy

Project 33 was created with the aim of highlighting the contribution of certain automobiles that have influenced the choices and way of life of 20th century society up to the present day, and to disseminate them to as wide an audience as possible. There is no attempt to rewrite history here, but rather to shed light on the events that affected certain models, to contextualise what has not yet been clearly identified, to restore to history what has been lost over time and may represent the heritage of a brand or an era. The aspects that best bring these examples to light are invariably rarity, if not uniqueness, style content, technical progress in passenger transport and safety, or race participation, all of which have always been great catalysts of public interest and emotion and opinion on every continent and culture.

Stefano Martinoli

Stefano Martinoli, starting from 2018, decided to dedicate himself for his love world of cars with the aim of protecting and narrating extraordinary cars. He is an expert and attentive driver, devoted to reading about and disseminating automotive history, with a deep-rooted bond to anything that runs and competes. Speed runs in his veins and his choices at Progetto 33 reflect this clear orientation. In the future, he would like to find more time to write books with the help and ideas of others who, in his opinion, can really help to increase the knowledge and love for the world of cars, bringing them to the forefront of innovation, art, culture, design and of a heritage of mankind that in certain times remains hidden under the surface.