Project 33 hosted by Bugatti in Molsheim

On the 3rd of December, Stefano Martinoli, CEO of Progetto 33 AG, was invited by Bugatti Automobiles to the Molsheim headquarters.
The visit was supervised directly by Luigi Galli, Bugatti’s Head of Heritage, for assessments of certification issues.
Together with Erik, the trusted Stewart who deals with customer requests during the visits, several Bugatti personalities were present at the reception, including Hendrik Malinowski, General Director of Bugatti Automobiles SAS, and professional racing driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel, one of the few official Bugatti drivers.
The day also included a visit to the Bugatti factory, also known as the Atelier, which is now the only one operational for Bugatti production, as opposed to the Fabbrica Blu in Campogalliano, which Stefano Martinoli visited with Romano Artioli in 2018, when he brought him the Bugatti EB110 America, once owned by the former president of Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. himself.